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Fri 15 December 2017

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Japan and Islam



Article on Japanese attempts to and motives in wooing Muslims during WWII

- Report from China Information Committee, from Daily Bulletin, No., 32 May 13, 1941: 'Japan has a sensational plot over Moslem nations':

* Japan has a comprehensive scheme estimated to require 20 years' through which it will 'assume the overlordship of Moslem Nations'.

* This sensational plot was exposed by Mr Yany Ching-chih in recent issue of 'Political Review' fortnightly magazine published by political department of the Eighth war area

* Special secret clause in Italo-Japanese Anti-Comintern pact of 1936 that the combined area of Moslem nations which equals 6,700,000 square miles and population is over 420,000,000 is to be under the control of the Japanese, for checking 'Communist activities and at the same time to promote political and social "Progress" in these states to make them break away from Britain and France'

* Irony in the concluding statement: 'The ambition of carving up the world among the Axis powers is thus clearly shown'

- History of the Japanese intrigues -
1900 Uthida Rinhei of Kokuriukai (Japanese secret society) and Toyama Mitsuru of Roninkai (another secret society) conducted 'inside Moslem investigations' to this end. When the Japanese-Italian pact was signed in 1936 the scheme was transferred from the Japanese FO to the War Ministry.

Leaders of Kuk. and Ronin. Sent a 'converted Mohammaden' - Kawamura Kyodo to 'investigate things Moslemic' - 30 year project of his, during which he managed to 'stir up Mohammaden uprisings and independent movements whenever he saw an opportunity'. In the late 20's another agent, Hidari Tozan, was dispatched by Kok.

This were under the guise of 'goodwill missions', however the real and covert aim was 'colonisation of Islamic countries'. This project was a national one as the Education Ministry based findings from Secretary of State, authorised textbooks on Islam so Japanese students could gain a 'comprehensive knowledge regarding this religion and its followers.

- In 1918 the Gaimusho officially instructed all Japanese consular bodies in Near East to investigate conditions in Moslem States:

'For these and simultaneous investigations, the gaimusho had in 1910 a special budget of 1,300,000 yen, this figure increased some six-fold in 1935 - 8,680,000 yen'

* Simultaneous with these intelligence missions, outwardly Japan showing 'amity' to Muslim States, gifts to Moslem nations and to 'please the Mohammadens, they coined the slogan,
"Japanese-Moslem co-operation is like the shine of the sun and Moon" '

* 1939 Construction of big mosque in Yoyogi Yamamachi and sent invitations to Muslim delegates to attend the opening, impressive displays of Japanese naval and military might to assure Muslims they are ready to assist them if need by and for those 'ill-disposed, the missions are also to hint that unless they change their policy calamity will befall them'.

PRO File: FO 371 28032  

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