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Sat 16 December 2017


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Three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black with three green five-pointed stars in a horizontal line centered in the white band; the phrase ALLAHU AKBAR (God is Great) in green Arabic script Allahu to the right of the middle star and Akbar to the left of the middle star was added in January 1991 during the Persian Gulf crisis; similar to the flag of Syria that has two stars but no script and the flag of Yemen that has a plain white band; also similar to the flag of Egypt that has a symbolic eagle centered in the white band.

The four flags of modern Iraq :

  • Republic of Iraq 1991 -present

The words Allahu Akbar (God is Great) were added by Saddam Hussein prior to the start of the Gulf War. The intent was to improve an Islamic image.

  • Republic of Iraq 1963 - 1991
Another change of power brought another change of flags. The new flag uses the same colours as those of the Kingdom flag and are inspired by the same poetry. However the symbolism changed and the three green stars are to show intended unification between Iraq, Egypt and Syria.
After the Baathist takeover of 1968 and the abandonment of the unification plans, the symbolism of the three stars changed yet again. The new translation was that the three stars point to the Baathist motto of "Wihda, Hurriyah, Ishtirrakiyah" (Unity, Freedom, Socialism).
  • Republic of Iraq 1958 - 1963

The overthrow of the Monarchy on the 14th July 1958 brought about a change in the flags. Although the colours in the new flag are mostly the same as those in the old Kingdom flag, they have other historical inspirations.
The green colour represents the Prophet Mohammed's (SAS) green flag, while the black is a reminder of the Abbasid's black flags. The white segment is in remembrance of the Ummayid's white flags. The red ring is a reference to the blood spilled in the Revolution of 1958. The new addition of the yellow colour is a sign denoting the Kurdish population of Iraq (yellow was a colour used by Salladin, the famous Kurdish born leader).



  • Kingdom of Iraq 1921 - 1958
The colours for the flag were inspired by the poetry of Safi il-Deen Al-Hilli. The two seven point stars denote the 14 provinces of the Kingdom.





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