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Sat 25 November 2017

History of Muslims in the UK
Recognition in public sphere
Defining events
Demographics / charts
Politics in Britain
Inventory of Arrests
Legislation affecting Muslims
Representative bodies
Beacon Institutions
Who's who men
Who's who women
Landmark future developments
My Neighbourhood

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‘Muslims in Britain’ is a combination of archival material, analysis and comment.

We hope it will provide Muslims and their non-Muslim friends with interesting facts and discussion points, as well as serve as a learning resources centre for school projects and other assignments.

We welcome your feedback and contributions – you could highlight the good work of an organisation, or the achievements of an individual, or just send us descriptions of your neighbourhood – its halaal shops and restaurants, mosques, places of interest, interesting characters, ‘Muslim-friendly’ schools and employers – you can also upload us images/digital photos if you wish.

October - December 2014

  • Book Review - Bluestocking in Londonistan
  • London Eye Blogger - Sombre amongst the Litterati
  • Metrics of Domestic Security
  • Talha Ahsan's heartbreaking account
  • Inventory of Arrests
  • Defining Events - Trojan Horse episode


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