Response to Vice-Presidential hopeful Vance’s “Islamist UK” comment. click here

GE 2024 post-mortem & reflections

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Narrow loss of Independent Ajmal Masroor

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“Palestine: the cause of our generation”

These words of Alex Gordon, President of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers resounded on the Embankment in London on 6th July 2024. His was among the several stirring speeches at the culmination of the 16fh national march calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza since 7 October 2023. click here

A brave man’s tale

This brutally frank and honest memoir has several interleaved themes: Azeem Rafiq’s love of the game; the importance of family and religion; the impact of 9/11;  the shabby treatment received at the hands of some senior managers and players in the Yorkshire Cricket Club; his struggle as a whistleblower explained in the subtitle of the book. click here

Operation Black Vote’s assessment of Labour priorities. click here

Criminalisation of international solidarity

In the journal Race & Class, Liz Fekete ” focuses on the way a moral panic around shows of solidarity with Palestine have been formented: suppression of the works of artists, academics and public figures, including prominent Jewish anti-Zionists, who question official narratives; the equation of solidarity with terrorism and antisemitism and hence a reframing of what constitutes ‘hate crimes’, and the restrictions on the right to protest.” click here.

Resisting the Israelisation of Western Universities

Nick Riemer’s analysis: “Political insight, determination, and moral lucidity are, very clearly, on the students’ side, not on that of the university leaders [. . .]” click here.

Launch of report ‘Media Bias Gaza 2023 – 24. ” 76% of online articles frame the conflict as an “Israel-Hamas war,” while only 24% mention “Palestine/Palestinian,” indicating a lack of context.” click here.

Good reads

British political history

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Muslim political thought

Maududi and Bennabi – scholar-activists of the mashriq and maghreb

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