1 October 2022 The Akhuwat Project

I have not come to ask for money, but with a message of love and brotherhood”. With these words, Dr Amjad Saqib, founder and chairperson of Pakistan’s unique not-for-profit, interest-free micro financing venture, on 30th September 2022 provided a London audience with a moving testimony of his commitment to poverty alleviation, direly needed as a result of the catastrophic floods.

The Akhuwat Foundation has pledged to rebuild homes of the poorest, who have lost everything. He described the ‘P2P’ programme: Pounds to People, Person to Person. With the support of its branch in the UK, Dr Amjad is touring cities across the UK, with a reminder of the solidarity between the Ansars of Medina and the migrant Muhajirs from Mecca. Click here.

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