10 September 2023 Fund raising for Morocco

Several British charities have responded rapidly to the earthquake of 8th September that has devastated towns and villages in the Atlas mountains, affecting Marrakech and with shock waves felt in Casablanca and further afar.

Human Appeal: “Hundreds have lost their lives in Morocco’s devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Human Appeal, alongside our partners, is on the ground to deliver urgent emergency relief. Your donation today can make a life-saving difference.” click here.

Iqra International: https://www.iqrainternational.org/

Islamic Relief:” A devastating earthquake of 6.8 magnitude has hit the High Atlas region in Morocco, killing over 2,000 people. Help save lives and donate now.” click here.

Action for Humanity, “Following one of the most powerful earthquakes in recent years, which struck at 11:11 pm on September 8th, the death toll has already reached a grim figure of at least 1,037 people (in 18 hours), with the potential for this number to increase as days pass. Thousands have also been injured.” click here.

Muslim Hands: “Morocco has been shaken to its core by a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake, leaving countless families in urgent need of assistance. The entire region hasn’t been hit by tremors this strong in 120 years. More than 800 people have so far been reported dead, hundreds more are injured and buildings across the region have been reduced to rubble. As powerful tremors continue, we need your help to support our brothers and sisters.” click here.

Penny Appeal: ” A devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Morocco and stunned the world, the quake that took place on Friday 8th September at 23:11 has so far killed over 800 people and injured hundreds more – this death toll is sadly expected to rise.” click here.