12 April 2023 Baroness Warsi stands up to Tory pandering of its Right Wingers

Aletha Adu reports in the Guardian, “I am calling her rhetoric racist. I am.” This is Baroness Warsi’s stinging rebuke when Home Secretary Suella Braverman singled out British Pakistani men as a source of concern with grooming. click here.

Baroness Warsi is a former co-chair of the Conservative Party and from her position in the House of Lords has been consistently drawing attention to racist and Islamophobic views in the corridors of power. For example, in an intervention during the debate on asylum seekers [9th November 2022] she noted,

My Lords, we now know that the far-right attack committed by firebombing a migration centre in Dover was done by a man inspired by far-right extremism. Can my noble friend assure this House that conversations are taking place within the Home Office, and government generally, advising colleagues that sensationalist language from political leaders leads to real consequences and that they should refrain from using it?