15 May 2021 Block continues on the Mountbatten’s papers

Haroon Siddique writing in The Guardian, “. .. . Instead, a writer [Andrew Lownie] has spent four years and £250,000 of his own money in an ongoing – but still frustrated – attempt to force Southampton University and the Cabinet Office to allow the public to view them [diaries and letters of Lord and Lady Mountbatten, Viceroy of India at time of Partition, 1947 and first Governor General of India subsequently] . . .  The university has said it was directed by the government to keep a small number of the papers private until told otherwise. “They’ve spent hundreds of thousands of pounds and brought in two top QCs, and this fight has been going on for four years so I can only imagine there’s something [interesting] there otherwise why would they bother?” said Lownie. ” click here.