18 June 2021 Expert Pyschiatrist discredited in Tariq Ramadan Case

“It is a major turning point in this case. On Thursday, June 17, the Paris Court of Appeal annulled a psychiatric expertise. Dr. Daniel Zagury had met with the plaintiffs without authorization and did not answer the most important question of the expert’s mandate. “The expert committed an abuse of power that has been sanctioned. This is a fair application of the law,” said Philippe Ohayon, one of Tariq Ramadan’s lawyers. The Investigating Chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal has put a stop to the investigation against Tariq Ramadan. Let’s hope that the judges now decide to return to the law, and nothing but the law.” Statement issued by libéreztariq-ramadan-free-tariq-ramadan [Petition https://www.change.org/p/lib%C3%A9reztariq-ramadan-free-tariq-ramadan]