18 March 2023 Justice in sight for student leader Shaima Dallali

From Solictors Carter Ruck, Shaima Dallali, who was elected President of the NUS on 28 March 2022 and started in that full-time employed position on 1 July 2022, has commenced Employment Tribunal proceedings against the NUS. The proceedings follow Ms Dallali’s dismissal on 1 November 2022, which she contends formed part of a course of discriminatory conduct against her. Ms Dallali has also lodged an appeal to the NUS pursuant to its internal appeals procedure.

Ms Dallali has deeply held, publicly-articulated beliefs on the right of Palestinians to live free of occupation. As the NUS has belatedly had to accept, Ms Dallali’s pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist beliefs amount to protected beliefs for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010. She has publicly articulated those beliefs throughout her adult life, just as she has consistently and repeatedly condemned antisemitism.” click here.