19 April 2024 Michaela Community School court judgement – ICC’s version

From the website of the Islamic Cultural Centre, Regents Park in London: “[. . .] A parent of one of the pupils at Michaela school approached The London Central Mosque explaining that the head teacher was not allowing the children to pray, this was creating tension between the school and the community [. . .] The Mosque decided to help liaise with the school to find a solution to how the kids could successfully perform their prayers on time. A meeting was held [on 12.06.2023] to try and solve the concerns of the parents at Michaela Secondary school. The head-teacher said that she would never allow kids to pray at her school. London Central Mosque explained to the head teacher that Muslims need to pray in the allotted time of each prayer and there would have to be a solution to allow the kids to pray [. . .]

The London Central Mosque was not involved in, and was not asked to be involved in this court case in anyway whatsoever. [ . . ] In so far as the praying later is concerned, the London Central Mosque explained that, in the summer, the time between Dhur (noon prayer) and Asr (afternoon prayer) is further apart so the earlier prayer (in this case the dhur one) can be done later, whereby the noon prayer would be delayed to its final prescribed time and the afternoon prayer advanced and performed at the beginning of its time. This is an accepted practice called Al jamm al suri. We made it clear that in the winter it would NOT be possible to pray later as times are much shorter [ . . .]

The head-teacher said she would give permission for the kids to pray at the Civic Centre across the road. The London Central Mosque welcomed this as an overall solution that the kids would be able to successfully pray.” click here.

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