19 June 2024 Muslim Civil Society seeks commitment from PPCs

From mcb.org.uk, “[. . .] This General Election will set an important course for Britain’s political future. For British Muslims, it’s a critical time to ensure our politics are inclusive, creating a society of fairness and opportunity. We have sadly seen the amplification of voices like Nigel Farage, Suella Braverman and a dangerous move to the far- right, at the expense of further demonising already marginalised Muslim communities. This must be stopped [. . .]


For many British Muslims, the devastating situation in Gaza will remain a critical part of their decision-making. While Muslims are not a homogenous group and will vote for a diversity of parties or candidates, it remains crucial for a future government to realise the work needed to ensure the UK remains a key advocate for human rights and peace in this world. An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and recognition of a Palestinian state would be important for this. It is time for change, and we are asking political parties to support our Muslim manifesto to ensure real commitment to working for the common good, a society in which all Britons count.” For the 10 commitments sought from prospective parliamentary candidates knocking at your door, click here.

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