2 December 2022 Muslim population – Census results

The Muslim Council of Britain’s publication, First Look, notes,

  • The population of England & Wales stands at 59.60 million; the Muslim population is 3.87 million, or 6.5 % of the total.
  • As the overall England and Wales population grows by 3.52 million in the decade 2011-2021, so do Muslim communities by 1.16 million contributing to 33% of the increase.
  • Muslims are becoming more dispersed across England and Wales, compared to other minority faith groups, warranting further analysis.
  • The top 5 locales with the largest Muslim populations are Birmingham, 341,811; Bradford, 166,846; London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 123,912; Manchester, 122,962; the London Borough of Newham,122, 146.
  • Further Analysis by the Muslim Council of Britain indicates that 40% of the Muslim population of England reside in the most deprived fifth of local authority districts; almost half a million more Muslims now live in these most deprived locales than in 2011. click here.