20 July 2021 Experts’ assessment of persisting inequality in Britain today

Five distinguished UK academics working with key experts in the field “trace the complex forms and dimensions or inequality in particular areas . . . in UK society and culture, including citizenship and immigration, crime and policing, health, education, the labour market, housing, the cultural industries, politics, and racism. They situate this knowledge in an understanding of how things have changed over time . . . “. Ethnicity, Race and Inequality in the UK – State of the Nation, Policy Press, 2020

Observations include:

  • “Over the course of the last few decades, religion has also become central to contemporary articulations of racism, impacting most markedly on Muslims.”
  • “The importance of identifying Islamophobia as a form of racism is not simply a semantic issue, as it has real political significance . . . Muslims navigate an increasingly hostile and discriminatory landscape as Islamophobia has increased in recent years.”
  • “We don’t need to ‘fix the person’ so that they can better navigate Britain’s institution, but rather ‘fix our institutions’ so that they provide fair chances and outcomes to everyone.”
  • “Conservative ethnic minority candidates and MP are much less eager to represent fellow minorities (although still more so than white Conservative politicians) than Labour party ethnic minority candidates and MPs.”

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