20th July 2023 Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Qur’an continues to hold appeal

From the website Tawasul Italy, the Islamic scholar “Dr Sabrina [Lei] has recently completed the Italian translation of the classic and universally read 1934 English Quran translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali.”

The work was first published in instalments by Shaikh Muhammad Ashraf in Lahore, beginning in 1934. According to a recent estimate since its first complete edition in 1937, there have been two hundred editions. The recent effort by Tawasul has aimed to be faithful to the original.

Dr Sabrina’s scholarship includes an essay ‘The role of sufism in Muhammad Iqbal’s The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam‘ . Among her current projects is an account of the life of the Prophet, peace be on him. The first volume has been published. click here.

For further details on Abdullah Yusuf Ali, click here.