21 October 2020: France and the end of the rule of law: State response to the despicable attack in Conflans

The French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has demanded the dissolution of the country’s leading anti-Islamophobia NGO, the ‘Collective Against Islamophobia in France’ (CCIF) in the aftermath of the despicable attack in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The impact of such a move by an authoritarian-minded State would be to silence the main voice that has been raising issues of Islamophobia and racism in France for two decades. It is a punishment being meted out in a high-handed, arbitrary manner circumventing the rule of law i.e. providing evidence of incrimination in the events of 16 October. The CCIF notes in its statement, “. . .The facts are simple in this case: several days after the broadcast and circulation of the video, we were besieged [nous avons été saisis] by the parent, author of the video,  to open a case of discrimination, based on the fact that the teacher allegedly requested Muslim students to leave the classroom during la présentation d’une caricature du prophète Mohammad nu. The first thing we did was ask that parent to immediately remove this video and cease all communication on the subject, until someone from among the audience comes to him to initiate the process of verifying the facts, which could not be done because by then the point of no return had been reached [ l’irréparable a eu lieu]. In view of these facts, we will take legal action whenever we are defamed or our honor is sullied by false allegations. By accusing us, without proof, of being responsible or even linked to this heinous act, the Interior Ministry is signing the end of the rule of law.” click here.