22 May 2022 An Activist’s Experiences

Puru Miah in his blog, “. . . As a moral warning, the Sufis of India narrate a story. Applicable to today’s Tower Hamlets, the tragic story of Aurangzeb. A dervish of the Naqshbandi order, who spurned the palace life in favour of the austerity of the wilderness of the Deccan . . . As then, in Tower Hamlets the Peacock Throne is empty. Things in TH Labour are gonna get worst before they get better. With various factions lining up for various bouts of internecine warfare. A strategy for civic participation and holding to account which does not rely on TH Labour has to be charted and adopted. Heeding the warning of the Sufis, I choose to turn my back on Delhi and chose to head into the wilderness. That is why for the foreseeable future given the current set of circumstances I am walking away from frontline local Labour politics, to focus on civic activism.” click here.