23 April 2022 The late Salahuddeen Haleem

From the website of the East London Mosque,” Salahuddeen Haleem, who passed away at his home in London on 15 April 2022, was one of a now diminishing number who had prayed regularly at the East London Mosque when it was located on 448 Commercial Road and continued to do so when it moved to its current site on Whitechapel Road. He was a member of the East London Mosque Trust 1987-1994, and also served as its treasurer under the chairmanship of Suleman Jetha from 1989 to 1994. Following Jetha Sahib’s demise in 1995, he took over as chair of the Indigent Moslem Burial Fund. He was a champion of the ELM Archives Project, and member of its Steering Group since its inception in 2013. He was also prominent in local mosque projects in Ilford and right to the end of his days was raising funds for a mosque in Wansted. Salahuddeen Haleem was conscientious in the community tasks that he undertook, placing high standards of probity when given financial oversight responsibilities and avoided the limelight for his many achievements.” click here.