23rd May 2023 Why has ‘Prevent’ policy failed’? University study findings

Dr Gillian Kennedy of the University of Southampton has prepared a policy brief on the Government’s anti-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy, arguing that “[, , ,] To bring trust to the process, the public must be able to view such information. There is a need to make the Prevent database publicity available to restore public trust [. . .] Building on the need for greater prioritisation on community cohesion, the government should work towards a Prevent policy which is less police-led, but rather embedded in educational processes which build youth resilience against extremism.[ . . . ] Such an approach would deligimatise current critiques of Prevent which realistically note it’s overtly security focus on Muslim communities, providing instead an honest dialogue with Britain’s youth on ‘ecumenical’ and the universal value system of multicultural Britain.” click here.