24 June 2021 Report on mental health issues affecting young Muslims

The Better Community Business Network (BCBN), directed by Sabah Gilani has brought to wider attention an issue of concern, ” We hope the report [Hand its uncovering of hidden survivors will provide the prompt needed for organisations and support services to consider how to embed improving young Muslims’ mental health in their future work programmes. We encourage service providers to record and capture faith data to increase awareness and faith literacy, to improve access for service users and their experience. We seek to facilitate faith and cultural competency training delivered across the sector and beyond to build understanding and exchange, encouraging faith-sensitive approaches to Muslim mental health and well-being. To enhance community efforts through recognition, sign posting and integrating faith-based and community services into mainstream and statutory services, to increase access and engagement.”

The report draws on an online survey that had 729 respondents from individuals aged 18 to 30 who self-identified as Muslim and currently reside in the UK . Participants were asked whether they had ever experienced mental health struggles, and asked to describe the types of struggles they had suffered. Four in five participants said they had suffered mental health struggles, a staggering proportion of the sample (81.8%) stated that yes they had experienced mental health struggles, 16.7% said no, and 2.2% (12 participants) preferred not to say . . . click here.