29 May 2024 Paris Olympics and Muslima athletes

From athletally.org, “Today, Athlete Ally in partnership with Shizanan, published an open letter calling on FIBA [International Basketball Federation] to overturn its discriminatory ban on headgear — which includes the hijab worn by observant Muslim athletes [. . .] “Today, we stand with Muslim athletes around the world,” said Hudson Taylor, executive director of Athlete Ally. “Athletes shouldn’t have to choose between their religion and the sport that they love, and by overturning this ban, we’re providing greater access to Muslim women and girls everywhere [. . .]

Every day the FIBA hijab ban remains, is another day where Muslim girls and women from around the world miss out on experiencing the joys of basketball. Countries that require female athletes to compete in hijab like Iran and Saudi Arabia, will not be given the opportunity to grow the sport of basketball. This policy only serves to limit the sport, not lift it to becoming as popular a sport as we know it can and should be.

We respectfully request that FIBA immediately overturns its ban on religious headgear. Basketball cannot wait, and the women and girls who are directly impacted by this policy should not be asked to wait any longer. FIBA must hear this call to action and overturn its ban on religious headgear.” click here