4 August 2023 Yusuf Islam on singer Sinead O’Connor – finding the path to Divine Oneness

From Yusuf Islam’s website, “[. . .] When Sinead declared that her whole life she had been a Muslim without realising it, she was expressing the same incredible enigma which I also discovered when I too was exposed to the teachings of Islam – at long last. Not the Islam of journalistic headlines or hearsay; not the Islam as seen through ethnic prejudice, distortion or bias but the Islam which is revealed to the true seekers of knowledge. Confronting one’s ignorance is not easy, particularly in public, but once it is faced, the experience can be truly liberating. 

Sinead or Shuhada, call her by whatever name you wish; it’s the same person! Simply do not ignore the principle reason behind the massive transformation of mind and heart which happens when a person of stature and influence, like her (or myself for that matter), finally chooses a faith to follow, and adjusts their lives in accordance with it. God never left Sinead, she simply found a path back home to Divine Oneness [ . . .]” click here.