6 June 2022 Responding to a new Fitna

The film The Lady of Heaven portrays Hazrat Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu, the first of the Khilafat-e Rashida – and other revered personalities – in melodramatic style. The Muslim Council of Britain notes that this film has been ” condemned as divisive and sectarian by scholars across the rich traditions of Islam.”

In order to correct improper impressions and perceptions that can result in such movie treatments, it is timely to note one extract from The Study Qur’an [Editor-in-Chief Sayyed Hosein Nasr]

According to a hadith narrated by Ibn ‘Umar,”One time when the Prophet was sitting with Abu Bakr, Gabriel came and inquired about Abu Bakr’s impoverished condition., to which the Prophet responded, ‘O Gabriel, he has spent all his wealth before the victory [over Makkah]! ‘ Gabriel said, ‘In this case, convey to him God’s greetings of peace and tell him that his Lord asks him, “Are you pleased with Me in your state of poverty or are you averse?”‘ The Prophet addressed Abu Bakr, ‘O Abu Bakr, Gabriel is here to convey the greetings of peace from God, and He is asking you whether are you pleased with Him in your state of poverty or are you averse?’ Upon hearing this, Abu Bakr wept and said, ‘How can I be averse unto my Lord? I am pleased it my Lord! I am so pleased with my Lord!’ “

p. 1333, citing the tafasir of al-Qurtubi and al-Wahidi

This quotation conveys the status of Abu Bakr Radi-Allahu anhu in the Islamic tradition. The Study Qur’an published by HarperOne, 2015.

The MCB statement also notes, ” The MCB has always advocated for respectful dialogue of intra-faith relations. There are some – including many of this film’s supporters or those engaging in sectarianism in their response – whose primary goal is to fuel hatred. We must not let them succeed.” click here