6 March 2023 A showpiece of creative design

Architect Shahed Saleem, author of The British Mosque – An architectural and social history – has designed an abstract mosque for the pavilion at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

This inaugural Ramadan Pavilion draws inspiration from the V&A’s Prints and Drawings collection to represent the history of the mosque and Muslims in Britain.

The Ramadan Pavilion is a purpose-built architectural structure and showpiece of creative art and design to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. The Pavilion will host a series of public events and two Open Iftars as part of the annual Ramadan Festival curated by Ramadan Tent Project. The aim of the annual Ramadan Pavilion is to celebrate the lived experiences of Muslims across the UK and globe during the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, and to bring attention to the core values and traditions of Ramadan through architectural expression, experimentation and associated public arts programme..” click here