8 May 2024 Universities & Palestine solidarity

Nick Riemer in overland.org,au, “[. . .] It would be hard to find a better object lesson in the bankruptcy of the normal hierarchies than in the Gaza solidarity encampments that students have established on university campuses internationally. Political insight, determination, and moral lucidity are, very clearly, on the students’ side, not on that of the university leaders who are supposedly the custodians of exactly those principles. [. . .]

But, as they cheer on the genocide of the Palestinians of Gaza, Zionists are asking us to believe that it is their community that isn’t safe, and that the Palestine solidarity movement is the reason. Against the universalism of the pro-Palestinian camp, which is working for equality and justice for everyone between the Mediterranean and Jordan, Zionists want us to believe that we’re in a zero-sum game: their safety depends on our silencing”. click here.