9 February 2021 Professor Malik Badri passes away

Dr Ermin Sinanovic, executive director of the Center for Islam in the Contemporary World (CICW) at Shenandoah University, pays tribute to the late Malik Badri, “. . . Today, I am saddened by the report that our beloved teacher and scholar, Professor Malik Badri, passed away. May Allah grant him the highest degree in the Jannah, and give his family ample patience. We have lost an enormous amount of knowledge with his depart Prof. Malik, as we called him, was truly a giant. He was a path-breaking scholar in the field of Islam and psychology, a wonderful teacher, and a role model. His father-like figure and gentle manners made his classroom such a warm place. He was truly a fount of knowledge. His classes were not monologues; he always engaged his students and encouraged deep discussions of whatever the topic of the day was. Prof. Malik used to refer to us, students, as sons and daughters. . . . ” click here