Author: Shukat Warraich & Kashaff Feroze
Publisher: OAK Community Development
Release Date: 2008
Pages: 84
Source: OAK Community Development

Surveys of mosques in the UK in recent years record their evolution from places of worship to multi-faceted community centres. The Muslim Council of Britain’s the ‘Voices from the Minaret’ report based on interviews and focus groups involving about 90 mosque imams and mosque trustees, found that 54 % of mosques had a community hall for general activities. The more enlightened institutions had embarked on mosque radio projects, hajj training, health advice and IT skills training. The Charity Commissioners’ Faith and Social Cohesion Unit (FSCU) has also been surveying mosques, with largely similar findings. Given this widening orbit of activities and responsibilities, there will be demands for increased professionalisation in the management of mosque affairs, including governance protocols and evidence of other compliances.

This publication from the Oak Community Development consultancy is therefore timely and relevant. The authors note, “the necessity to service the multiple needs of 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in the UK has reached critical levels….the purpose of this guide is to help foster better governance and to start the process of encouraging a greater insight to what the future mosque could potentially look like”. The 76-page publication is accompanied with a CD, ” developed as a follow-on tool… thus making it easier for mosques and organisations to practically put in place many of the essential and recommended requirements for running good and effective organisations. The CD includes a number of templates that can be downloaded and adapted for your organisation, information sheets and an e-copy of the management guide.”

The publication and the CD are the outcome of work undertaken by Oak Community Development for the Muslim Council of Britain in 2008. Oak conducted numerous training and mentoring sessions in which “mosque managers were equipped with up-to-date skills in fund-raising, legislative awareness and policy-making and in the development of managerial infrastructure and educational youth schemes”. Topics covered in the Guide and CD include: The Mosques, its Structure and Management models; Policies & Procedures; Staffing/Personnel/Volunteers; Facilities Management; Finance & Fundraising; Communication; Accountability & Transparency; Mosque Madrasas; Community Development & dealing with local and national agencies. There are about 30 Word document templates, ranging from procedures for taking minutes of meetings to job descriptions of mosque employees.

This work was possible because of a grant from the UK charity Muslim Aid.