Author: Sundas Ali
Publisher: The Muslim Council of Britain
Release Date: February 2015
Pages: 80
Source: Muslim Council of Britain

“The 2011 Census form for England and Wales comprised 56 questions, 14 about the household and its accommodation and 42 for each member of the household. Amongst the latter was the religion question: ‘What is your religion?’ The MCB census project has extracted a subset of the data made available by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) relating to the Muslim population and its characteristics. Information has also been drawn from other more qualitative studies and observations to supplement the quantitative profile emerging from the census…

The grouping of census variables in this report is, therefore, only one of many possible ways to slice a rich cake, but it also reflects themes to which the MCB is seeking to draw attention.  While this report has avoided describing its findings as ‘policy recommendations’, a number of ‘Observations’ are presented as a way of summarising points for discussion and highlighting both concerns and positive developments.

The report has several audiences in mind: media commentators requiring a ready reference guide to British Muslim statistics; community organisers in the Muslim voluntary and social enterprise sector reflecting on present-day social realities and future priorities; decision-makers in social policy and public service delivery with whom the MCB can initiate a discussion and debate on Muslim concerns and aspirations; researchers considering new lines of enquiry.”