Author: Yasir Suleiman,
Genre: Islam and culture
Publisher: HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies
Release Date: January 2012
Format: Paperback
Pages: 132

Professor Yasir Suleiman CBE, FRSE, Leader, writes, “This report represents the collective thinking of a group of British Muslims in the second phase of ‘Contextualising Islam in Britain’: a project that began in 2008. The first phase culminated in our report Contextualising Islam in Britain: Exploratory Perspectives, published in October 2009. In this first report, the project participants set out to answer a central question: what does it mean to live faithfully as a Muslim in Britain today? They did so by considering Muslim views in relation to secularism and the secular nation state, citizenship as a form of political and civic engagement, pluralism, human rights and the Islamic Sharia as a path of moral living.

The present report sets out to answer the same question and to build on the findings of its predecessor. However, it does so by engaging with a new set of issues that impact on the following areas of Muslim belief and practice (appended as questions at the end of this report): (1) the individual and the community, (2) gender: equality, identity and sexuality, (3) education, and (4) wider society and the common good.

Team members: Mohammed Abdul-Aziz • Abdelwahab El-Affendi • Akeela Ahmed • Muhammed Ahmed • Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed • Tahir Alam • Abu Muntasir Manwar Ali • Anas Altikriti • Nosheela Ashiq • Qari Asim • Ahab Bdaiwi • Yahya Birt • Fozia Bora • Mahmood Chandia • Maurice Coles • Suma Din • Mustafa Kasim Erol • Rokhsana Fiaz • Ramon Nicolas Harvey • Jeremy Henzell-Thomas (Report compiler) • Dilwar Hussain • Musharraf Hussain • Mohammed Imran • Ahmed Izzidien • Shainool Jiwa • Humera Khan • Sabira Lakha • Michele Messaoudi • Jing Min • Ibrahim Mogra • Ghulam Moyhuddin • Fiyaz Mughal • Michael Mumisa • Mukhtar Osman • Imranali Panjwani • Sajjad Rizvi • Abdullah Sahin • Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali • Julie Siddiqui • Shahla Suleiman • Yasir Suleiman (Project leader and chair) • Shahien Taj • Erica Timoney • Batool Al-Toma • Mushfiq Uddin • Shereen Williams • Farah Zeb