Regents Lodge, 148 Park Road near Regent’s Park, London, was a stately home belonging to Lady Ribblesdale that was purchased by a Central Mosque Committee with financial support from the British Government and officially opened by King George VI in November 1944. Based on a design by the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd, the new building was completed in 1977.

Director Generals
1944-1955 Ali Abdul-Qadir, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (Berlin), Ph.D. (London).

1955-1956 Hammudah Ghurabah, Ph.D. (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (Cambridge); died in office.

1956-1959 Ibrahim Abdul-Hamid, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (Cambridge).

1959-1962 Ali Abdul-Qadir; second term.

1962-1964 Badawi Awad, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (Cambridge).

1964-1968 Muhammad Geyushi, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (Cambridge); acting director while serving as imam.

1968-1973 The Raja of Mahmudabad; died in office.

1974 Mahmud Hubbullah, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (London); former director of the Islamic Cultural Centre, Washington. Died in office.

1974-1975 Muhammad Geyushi; acting director while serving as imam.

1975-1976 Sayyid Darsh, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), Ph.D. (al-Azhar); acting director while serving as imam.

1976-1977 Mumtazud-Din Choudhury (Dean), M.A. in Islamic Studies (Decca); M.A. in Education (Columbia), Ph.D. (Cornell); Mujibur-Rahman Qadi (Director), B.A. (Peshawar), Ph.D. (al-Azhar).

1978-1988 Dr Zaki Badawi, Al-Alimiyyah (al-Azhar), B.A. (London), Ph.D. (London).

1988-1996 Dr. Ali Bin Maghram Al-Ghamdi.

1996-2000 Dr Hamad Al-Majed.

2000-to date – Dr Ahmad Al-Dubyan.

Sources include: A. L. Tibawi, History of the London Central Mosque and the Islamic Cultural Centre 1910-1980, Die Welt des Islams, New Series, Bd. 21, Nr. 1/4 (1981), pp. 193-208.

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