Author: Muhammad Abdul Bari
Genre: Great Britain
Publisher: Renaissance Press
Release Date: 1 Nov 2004
Format: Paperback
Pages: 163

Source: No longer available on the website

This book explores aspects of Muslim identity and social responsibility, noting Muslims now feel they are ‘Muslims of Britain’ rather than ‘Muslims in Britain’. Written before the events of 7th July that have so profoundly affected Britain, the author documents the positive work that has taken place as Muslims integrate – without a forced assimilation – in mainstream life. However Dr Bari warns of the ‘over-politicisation’ of Islam and notes that “Islam’s position on extremism is clear. Muslims are expected to choose the spirit of Islam rather than its lifeless rituals, action rather than rhetoric and enterprise rather than the dogmatism in their life…Muslims do not condone any unprincipled or unjust method to achieve even a just cause”. The book aims to build bridges and better understanding among people and communities and is doubly important reading for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.