Author: Humayun Ansari 
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,  Camden Fifth Series , Vol. 38 
Release Date: 2011
Format: Hardback
Pages: 350

Publisher’s blurb:The Making of the East London Mosque, 1910-1951: minutes of the London Mosque Fund and East London Mosque Trust Ltd’: a heavily annotated edition of the 1910-1951 Minutes of the London Mosque Fund and East London Mosque Trust Ltd, with a detailed research-based introduction. In 2010, the East London Mosque celebrated its centenary. One hundred years earlier, the Aga Khan and Syed Ameer Ali had convened a public meeting at the London Ritz Hotel, where they set out a strategy for the construction of a mosque in London that would be ‘worthy of the capital of the British Empire’. The Mosque, however, took a long time to materialise. From the Commercial Road in the East End of London in which it was eventually first set up in 1941, it moved to Fieldgate Street and on to the Whitechapel Road in 1985. Through the lens of the original Minutes and related documents, Professor Ansari takes us on the fascinating journey of how the newly emerging confident Muslim community of the early twentieth century and major figures of the British establishment reached out to one another, each looking to nurture the development of this new multicultural society.

  • Includes annotated Minutes of the meetings of first the Executive Committee and subsequently the Trustees of the London Mosque Fund held between 1910 and 1951
  • Useful appendices include information on key individuals mentioned in the 1910–1951 Minutes; the Articles of Association of the East London Mosque Trust Limited, 1948; and selected documents relating to the East London Mosque, the Jamiat-ul-Muslimin and related developments in the late 1930s and early 1940s
  • A comprehensive and authoritative introduction provides the historical context which sheds light on the growth of the Muslim community in Britain and how it has become a part of British society